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“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” Maya Angelou


Rhythm is a part of life, it is fundamental. We live surrounded by the rhythms of nature. Our fast-paced lives have disconnected us from many of the messages and rhythms of our own bodies and therefore we have forgotten the importance of rhythm in daily life. 

Moonai seeks to accompany parents and families as they celebrate life's rhythms.  Children are deeply affected by the rhythms of life. Young children thrive on a simple, slow, steady pace with which they pass through the days, weeks and years of their lives. 

By creating regular and rhythmic life habits, we give our kids a sense of security. 

Waldorf education holds that children who enjoy rhythmic lives, trust their world and are not concerned with the uncertainty of what will happen next. 


Moonai seeks to help create a steady rhythm for your family. 

-Yearly celebrations

- Seasonal festivals

- Daily rhythms and routines for families


Celebrations enable us to connect as a community, sharing stories, food and activities linked to the seasons and expressed with beauty and reverence. Through celebrations we nourish our heart and soul.

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