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Our Toys:

Our aim is to bring children tools for years of healthy play. Moonai play objects are simple with minimal details so they can easily become more than one thing, giving children’s imaginations free reign. We create so that there is room for spontaneity. 


When we design and produce our toys, we try to ensure that our products foster fun moments of free play with objects that are aesthetically pleasing, that leave room for imagination and discovery, and inspire creative play or just allow kids to move their bodies with freedom. 

We build our toys with the belief that play should be a container of fun, security and peace, where kids can be their true selves and stay suspended, fully engaged, in the moment.


Our toys are made with high quality materials and in pleasant colors and shapes, not only to allow kids to be surrounded by beauty but to add to the home ambiance, living in harmony with the rest of the house.  


By surrounding children with beauty, we are not only contributing to their sense of wellbeing, but also developing their aesthetic awareness and appreciation.


Overall, our toys are timeless, they allow kids to be in the present moment and play in a safe environment, where nothing is right or wrong, and where they can focus on playing and not on a specific outcome. 


“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” Plato

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